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Benefits of 3-piece wheels

You don't know whether you should get one piece or three piece wheels ?
Believe us, it's worth to invest in 3-piece wheels !
Three piece wheels have a lot of advantages. Here are some : 

Lightweight and performance

Thanks to their lower weight, 3-piece wheels make your car more performing. Due to our specific metal spinning process we use for our lips and barrels, our three piece wheels are lighter than one piece wheels. What's more, the resistance value a high resistance degree is also higher.

Weight has an impact on acceleration, braking and fuel consumption. Unsprung mass on the vehicle, such as the wheels have an even stronger impact on those. 1 pound of unsprung mass removed equals 10 pounds of sprung mass (car body, seats, cockpit)! Hence, if you want your car to reach better performance, one of the best strategies is to lighten unsprung masses!

Let's take for example the owner of a Clio 16S that would like to make his car more performant. Originally, the Clio 16S is equiped with Speedline wheels, weighting 15,5 pounds each. If he replace them with Mad in 15C Lightwheels, he will save 4.40 pounds per wheel, so 17.60 pounds for 4 wheels. This equals to as much as 236 pounds of sprung masses stripped away from your car !  


Composed of 3 parts screwed together, 3-piece wheels give you an unmatched flexiblity. If you want to broaden your wheel arches or simply mount broader tyres, you will only have to change the outer lip of your wheel for a broader one and you'll be able keep your wheel centre.


One piece wheels can't be tailored to each car's specific needs : youbuy a given size and width, that's all. Three piece wheels give you the opportunity to refine poke and backspace, the width of the wheel's barrel and lip, or even the space around brake calipers , all this without any wheel spacer. You can also choose whether you want the assembly screw to be hidden or visible.


No luck ! Did you bump into the sidewalk ? Did your lifelong enemy just scratched your shiny rim ? If you have a one piece wheel, all that's left, is to cry and order a new wheel. But if you had a 3 piece wheel, you'd only have to replace the wheel lip and your wheels would look brand new.

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