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Offset and ET

Diagram explaining Offset and ET of a wheel

Offset (ET) of a wheel

Contrary to what's often being said, the offset is not the only value you should refer to when thinking about how "deep" your wheel will look.

The offset is the distance between the middle of the rim and the wheel's hub mounting surface.

Hence, a wheel with a narrow lip will have a high offset value and a wheel with a wide lip will have a low offset.

Wheel Backspace and Poke

The poke and backspace are calculated from the hub's mounting surface to the outer or inner border of the wheel. It is an essential information for us to determine which wheel will fit your car.

Can I have a negative offset on my wheels ?

The possibility for you to have a deep-looking wheel depends on the vehicle you have and the available space between the wheel's hub mounting surface and the back of the wheel arch. To determine your possibilities our technicians can provide you some advice. Thanks to many years of experience, we are familiar with the specs of many vehicles, such as Alpine A110, Alpine A310, R8 Gordini, R5, Simca and so on. You can find technical specifications and informations about cars we equip the most with our split rims on this page

You can also access this document that allows you to measure the available space on your car.

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