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3-piece wheels

What are Three piece wheels ?

The origins of the 3-piece wheels are to be found in car racing. We owe this innovation to the companies BBS in Germany and Gotti in France, which Mad In has strong links to.

Our know-how

Why should I use three-piece wheels ?

3-piece wheels are particularly adapted to car racing, due to their lightness, resistance and adaptability to any set-up. For a long time, sports car such as the Berlinette, Renault Formula or Ligier F1 have been equipped with 3-piece wheels.

Even today, many hill climb drivers or rally enthusiasts use our rims, be it the 1C wheel, 2F, 3C wheel or F08 wheels, because they appreciate their lightweight, their vintage style (in the style of PLS or Gotti) and their flexibility. Besides, our P08 forged wheel is much appreciated by Porsche Track drivers.

Last but not least, our wheels are produced in France, in our workshop located in Burgundy.. When buying Mad In products, you're supporting the European economy !


Visibles bolts, great offset... a unique style !

It is also the rare and dynamic style of our split rims that appeals to fans of prestigious vehicles. The bolts around the edge of the rim, the depth of the center of the wheel (the offset)... you won't go unnoticed !

Offset and ET

The different Mad In wheels

The 3-piece wheels are legal and safe for a daily use. Discover our wheels for historic vehicles (oldtimers and youngtimers) and their unique vintage style : the renowned 1C wheel (13 inches, 3 holes), that goes on numerous Alpine A110, R8 Gordini or Renault Dauphine ; the 2F and 3C wheel (13 inches, 4 holes), popular among Simca Rallye, Fiat 126 or R5 Turbo owners ; the 15C and 15C Light for Pitch Circle Diameters like 5x98, 5x108, 5x112 or 5x120.

We also produce tailored forged wheels, of the finest quality. Their lightness and solidity will boost the performance of your vehicle. We have created and mounted our prestige forged wheels on numerous vehicles : Porsche 964, Porsche 911, Porsche 928, Porsche 997, BMW 2800, Lotus Super Seven, BMW Z3, Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari F458… the list is long! Our flagship models are displayed on our website: 417, BBS Replica, P08, P10, F07 etc.

If you're searching for unique and prestigious wheels that are made with great care in France for your side-car or prototype, you're in the right place, because 3-piece wheel allow for the creation of unique and crazy designs. Give us a call or send us an email so we can talk about your project : we'll surely find a solution for you !

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