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Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales  

Between the company RIMTEC, 

ZA Sainte-Elisabeth, 71300 Montceau-les-Mines

with share capital of 160.000€, 

registered to the Trade and Company Register of Chalon-sur-Saône, 

SIRET number 303 708 804, 

represented by Mr Dominique Fernandez 

as General Manager, 

duly authorised for the purposes hereof. 

The company can be reached by clicking on the contact form accessible via the home page of the site or by email at the following address :

Hereinafter the "Seller" or the "Company". 

On one hand, 

And the natural or legal person purchasing the company's products or services,   

Hereinafter, the "Buyer" or the "Client" 

On the other hand, 

The following has been stated and agreed : 


The Seller is a manufacturer of forged and cast aluminium 3-piece (so-called "demountable") car rims under the brand name "Mad In" as well as lips and barrels for these same rims - for road and track vehicles. The products are sold through distance selling, by telephone or via the present website ( The list and description of the goods and services offered by the Company can be consulted on the above-mentioned website. 

Article 1: Purpose  

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale determine the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the online sale of Products or Services offered by the Seller. 

Article 2: General provisions 

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) govern the sale of Products through the Company's websites, and are an integral part of the Contract between the Buyer and the Seller. They are fully enforceable against the Buyer who has accepted them before placing an order. 

The Seller reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time by publishing a new version on its website. The GTC applicable at that time are those in force on the date of payment (or of the first payment in the case of multiple payments) of the order. These GTC are available for consultation on the Company's website at the following address : .  

The Company also ensures that their acceptance is clear and unreserved by putting in place a checkbox and a validation click. The Client declares that he/she has read all of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, and where applicable the Special Terms and Conditions of Sale relating to a product or service, and accepts them without restriction or reservation.  

The Customer acknowledges that he/she has received the necessary advice and information to ensure that the offer is suitable for his/her needs.  

The Customer declares that he/she is legally capable of entering into a contract under French law or that he/she can validly represent the natural or legal person for whom he/she is contracting.  

In the absence of proof to the contrary, the information recorded by the Company constitutes proof of all transactions. 

Article 3 : Price  

The prices of the products sold through the websites are indicated in Euros, including all taxes (= price excluding VAT + 20% VAT) and are precisely determined on the pages describing the Products. They are also indicated in Euros including all taxes (VAT + other possible taxes) on the order page of the Products, and excluding specific shipping costs. Customs duties or other local taxes or import duties or state taxes may be payable in certain cases. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of the Seller.  They shall be borne by the Buyer and are the Buyer's responsibility (declarations, payment to the relevant authorities, etc.). The Seller invites the buyer to inquire about these aspects with the corresponding local authorities. The Company reserves the right to change its prices at any time in the future. The telecommunication costs necessary for access to the Company's websites shall be borne by the Client. Where applicable, delivery costs shall also be borne by the Client. 

Article 4: Conclusion of the online contract  

Conformément aux dispositions de l’article 1127-1 du Code civil, le Client doit suivre une série  d’étapes pour conclure le contrat par voie électronique pour pouvoir réaliser sa commande : Information sur les caractéristiques essentielles du Produit ; Choix du Produit, le cas échéant, de ses options – Indication des coordonnées essentielles du Client (identification, email,  adresse…) ; Indication des éventuelles options requises pour la production de jantes sur-mesure (déport, largeur de voiles extérieurs et intérieurs, entraxe, alésage central) ;Acceptation des présentes Conditions Générales de Vente ;  Vérification des éléments de la commande  et, le cas échéant, correction  des erreurs. Avant de procéder à sa confirmation, l’Acheteur a la possibilité de vérifier le détail de sa commande, son prix, et de corriger ses éventuelles erreur, ou annuler sa commande. La confirmation de la commande emportera formation du présent contrat. Ensuite, suivi des instructions pour le paiement, paiement des produits, puis livraison de la commande. Le Client recevra confirmation par courrier électronique du paiement de la commande, ainsi qu’un accusé de réception de la commande la confirmant.

During the ordering process, the customer has the possibility of identifying and correcting any errors made in the data entry. The language proposed for the conclusion of the contract is French. 

The terms and conditions of the offer and the general terms and conditions of sale are sent back to the buyer by email at the time of the order and archived on the Seller's website. If applicable, the professional and commercial rules to which the offeror intends to submit can be consulted in the "annexed rules" section of these GTC, which can be consulted on the Seller's website at the following address : .

The archiving of communications, the order, the details of the order, as well as the invoices is carried out on a reliable and durable support so as to constitute a faithful and durable copy in accordance with the provisions of article 1360 of the French "Code Civil". This information may be produced as proof of the contract. 

For delivered products, delivery will be made to the address indicated by the Customer. In order for the order to be processed correctly, the Customer undertakes to provide truthful identification details. The Seller reserves the right to refuse the order, for example for any abnormal request, made in bad faith or for any legitimate reason. The Seller shall not be liable for any order not delivered due to an incomplete address or a missing telephone number. 

Article 5 : Products and services  

The essential characteristics of the goods, services and their respective prices are made available to the buyer on the company's websites, as well as, where applicable, the method of use of the product. In accordance with Article L112-1 of the French "Code de la consommation", the consumer is informed, by means of marking, labelling, display or any other appropriate process, of the prices and specific conditions of the sale and performance of the services before any conclusion of the sales contract. In all cases, the total amount due by the Buyer is indicated on the order confirmation page. The selling price of the product is the one in force on the day of the order, which does not include the shipping costs invoiced in addition. These costs are indicated to the Buyer during the sales process, and in any case at the time of the order confirmation.

Due to the tailor-made nature of the products manufactured and sold by the Seller, if the customer's request so requires, the Seller may demand an additional payment from the customer if the information provided by the customer on the order completion page was insufficient for the production of a product (lips, barrels, rims, or accessories) capable of satisfying the customer's purpose (vehicle equipment etc.).

The Seller reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, while guaranteeing the application of the price indicated at the time of the order. 

Where products or services are not performed immediately, clear information is given on the product presentation page as to the delivery dates of the products or services. The Customer certifies that he/she has received details of the delivery costs as well as the terms of payment, delivery and execution of the contract, as well as detailed information on the identity of the Seller, his/her postal, telephone and electronic contact details, and his/her activities in the context of the present sale. The Seller undertakes to honour the Customer's order within the limits of available stocks of Products only. In the event of failure to do so, the Seller shall inform the Customer; if the order has been placed, and if no agreement has been reached with the Customer on a new delivery date, the Seller shall refund the Customer.  

The contractual information is presented in detail and in French. The parties agree that the illustrations or photos of the products offered for sale have no contractual value. Except in the case of special conditions, the rights granted hereunder are solely those of the natural person who signs the order (or the person who holds the email address communicated).  

Article 6 : Compliance 

In accordance with Article L.411-1 of the French Consumer Code ("Code de la Consommation"), the products and services offered for sale through these GTCs comply with the regulations in force relating to the safety and health of persons, the fairness of commercial transactions and consumer protection. Independently of any commercial guarantee, the Seller remains liable for defects of conformity and hidden defects of the product. 

In accordance with Article L.217-4, the seller delivers goods in conformity with the contract and is liable for any defects in conformity existing at the time of delivery. He shall also be liable for any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when the latter was made his responsibility by the contract or was carried out under his responsibility. 

Conformément aux dispositions légales en matière de conformité et de vices cachés (art. 1641 c.  civ.), le Vendeur rembourse ou échange les produits défectueux ou ne correspondant pas à la  commande. Le défaut devra être manifeste et ne pas avoir été causé par une utilisation ou manipulation inappropriée du produit par l’Acheteur. Les roues présentant des traces de montage ne seront pas reprises pour échange. Il est conseillé de présenter les roues sur le véhicule avant le montage des pneus. Le remboursement peut être demandé par mail ou téléphone. La valeur de l’achat ainsi que le coût d’expédition seront remboursés à l’acheteur par tout moyen à disposition de l’Acheteur et du Vendeur.

Article 7: Retention of title clause  

The products remain the property of the Company until full payment of the price.

Article 8: Delivery terms  

Les produits sont livrés à l’adresse de livraison qui a été indiquée lors de la commande et dans  les délais indiqués. Ces délais ne prennent pas en compte le délai de préparation de la commande. S’il arrive que lors d’une commande de jante, un des sous-éléments nécessaires à sa production soit indisponible, il se peut que le délai de livraison soit prolongé d’une durée qui sera précisée par le Vendeur. Si l’Acheteur n’accepte pas le délai, le Vendeur proposera une alternative à l’Acheteur. Si l’Acheteur la refuse, la commande sera annulée et remboursée intégralement à l’Acheteur. Lorsque le Client commande plusieurs produits en même temps ceux-ci peuvent avoir des délais de livraison différents : dans ce cas, le Vendeur prendra contact avec l’Acheteur afin de déterminer l’option choisie. Si des expéditions différentes sont souhaitées, le Vendeur se réserve le droit de facturer la différence à l’Acheteur.

In the event of a delay in delivery, the Customer may cancel the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in Article L 138-2 of the Consumer Code ("Code de la Consommation"). The Seller shall then proceed to reimburse the product and the "outward" costs under the conditions of Article L 138-3 of the Consumer Code ("Code de la Consommation"). The Seller provides a telephone contact point (cost of a local call from a landline) indicated in the order confirmation email in order to follow up the order. The Seller reminds you that when the Customer takes physical possession of the products, the risks of loss or damage to the products are transferred to him. It is the Customer's responsibility to notify the carrier of any reservations regarding the product delivered. 

Article 9: Availability and presentation  

If an item is unavailable for a period of more than 20 working days, you will be immediately informed of the foreseeable delivery times and the order for this item may be cancelled on request. The Customer may then request a credit note for the amount of the item or a full refund and cancellation of the order. 

Article 10 : Payment  

Payment is due immediately upon ordering, including for pre-ordered products. The Customer may pay by credit card on the website or by cheque if requested.  Cards issued by banks domiciled outside France must be international bank cards (Mastercard or Visa). The information transmitted is encrypted according to the rules of the art and cannot be read during transport on the network.

Once the payment has been initiated by the Customer, the transaction is immediately debited after verification of the information. In accordance with the provisions of the French Monetary and Financial Code, the commitment to pay by card is irrevocable. By communicating his/her bank details during the sale, the Customer authorises the Seller to debit his/her card for the amount relating to the price indicated. The Customer confirms that he is the legal holder of the card to be debited and that he is legally entitled to use it. In the event of an error, or the impossibility of debiting the card, the Sale shall be immediately cancelled by operation of law and the order cancelled. 

Article 11: Withdrawal period  

In accordance with the provisions of article L 221-5 of the Consumer Code ("Code de la Consommation"), the Buyer has the right to withdraw without giving any reason, within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the order.  

Le droit de rétractation peut être exercé en contactant la Société par téléphone ou par mail aux coordonnées indiquées sur le site internet. Nous informons les Clients que conformément aux dispositions des  articles L. 221-18 à L. 221-28 du Code de la consommation, ce droit de rétractation ne peut être  exercé pour les biens confectionnés selon les spécifications du consommateur ou nettement personnalisés : cela peut être le cas pour les voiles de jante ainsi que pour les jantes. En cas d’exercice du droit  de rétractation dans le délai susmentionné, le prix du ou des produits achetés et les frais d’envoi  seront remboursés, les frais de retour restant à la charge du Client. Les retours des produits sont à effectuer dans leur état d’origine et complets (emballage, accessoires, notice éventuelle); ils  doivent si possible être accompagnés d’une copie du justificatif d’achat. Le remboursement sera effectué par tout moyen à disposition du Vendeur et de l’Acheteur.

Article 12: Guarantees  

Conformément à la loi, le Vendeur assume les garanties suivantes : de conformité et relative aux  vices cachés des produits. Le Vendeur rembourse l’acheteur ou échange les produits  apparemment défectueux ou ne correspondant pas à la commande effectuée. Si le produit ne correspond pas aux besoins de l’Acheteur en raison d’informations techniques qui n’auraient pas été transmises lors du passage de la commande dans le champ réservé à cette fin, le Vendeur ne peut être tenu responsable. La demande de  remboursement doit s’effectuer par mail ou par téléphone et doit démontrer de manière claire le caractère défectueux du bien ou son manque de conformité. Le  Vendeur rappelle que le consommateur dispose d’un délai de 2 ans à compter de la  délivrance du bien pour agir auprès du Vendeur ; qu’il peut choisir entre le remplacement  et la réparation du bien sous réserve des conditions prévues par les dispositions susmentionnées.  Le consommateur peut également faire valoir la garantie contre les vices cachés de  la chose vendue au sens de l’article 1641 du code civil et, dans cette hypothèse, il peut choisir  entre la résolution de la vente ou une réduction du prix de vente (dispositions des articles 1644 du Code Civil). Des frais de remise en état du produit pourront être facturés.

Article 13: Complaints and mediation  

If necessary, the Buyer may make any complaint by contacting the company using the following details: by telephone on +33 385577588 or by e-mail at .   

In accordance with the provisions of Art. L. 611-1 to L. 616-3 of the "Code de la consommation", the consumer is informed that he/she may have recourse to a consumer mediator under the conditions laid down in Title I of Book VI of the "Code de la consommation". 

If the request for a complaint to the Seller's customer service fails, or if there is no response within two months, the consumer may submit the dispute to a mediator who will attempt, in complete independence, to bring the parties together with a view to obtaining an amicable solution.  

Article 14: Termination of the contract 

The order may be cancelled by the buyer by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt in the following cases: - delivery of a product that does not comply with the characteristics of the order; - delivery beyond the deadline set at the time of the order or, in the absence of a date, within thirty days of payment; - an unjustified price increase or modification of the product. In these cases, the purchaser may demand reimbursement of the deposit paid plus interest calculated at the legal rate from the date of collection of the deposit. 

Article 15: Intellectual property rights  

The brands, domain names, products, software, images, videos, texts or more generally any information subject to intellectual property rights are and remain the exclusive property of the seller. No transfer of intellectual property rights is made through these GTC. Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these goods for any reason whatsoever is strictly prohibited. 

Article 16: Force majeure  

The performance of the seller's obligations hereunder shall be suspended in the event of the occurrence of a fortuitous event or force majeure which would prevent the performance thereof. The seller shall notify the customer of the occurrence of such an event as soon as possible.  

Article 17: Invalidity and modification of the contract 

Should any of the provisions of this contract be invalidated, this shall not invalidate the other provisions, which shall remain in force between the parties. Any amendment to the contract shall only be valid after a written and signed agreement by the parties. 

Article 18: Protection of personal data  

In accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, the Seller implements the processing of personal data for the purpose of selling and delivering the products and services defined in this contract. The Buyer is informed of the following:  

- the identity and contact details of the controller and, where applicable, of the controller's representative: the Seller, as indicated at the top of these GTC; - the contact details of the data protection officer: Adrien Surowiec ( - the legal basis of the processing: contractual performance - the recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data, if any: the data controller, its departments in charge of marketing, the departments in charge of IT security, the department in charge of sales, delivery and ordering, the subcontractors involved in the delivery and sales operations as well as any authority legally authorised to access the personal data in question - no transfer outside the EU is foreseen The data subject has the right to request from the controller access to, rectification or erasure of the personal data, or a restriction of the processing relating to the data subject, The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority - the information requested at the time of ordering is necessary for the preparation of the invoice (legal obligation) and the delivery of the goods ordered, without which the order cannot be placed. No automated decisions or profiling is carried out through the ordering process. 

Article 18: Applicable law and clauses 

All clauses contained in these general terms and conditions of sale, as well as all purchase and sale transactions referred to herein, shall be subject to French law. 

In case of dispute, the court of Chalon sur Saône shall have sole jurisdiction.

The nullity of a contractual clause does not entail the nullity of these general conditions of sale. 

Article 19: Consumer information  

For consumer information purposes, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Consumer Code are reproduced below, in original French version: 

Article 1641 du Code civil : Le vendeur est tenu de la garantie à raison des défauts cachés de la  chose vendue qui la rendent impropre à l’usage auquel on la destine, ou qui diminuent tellement  cet usage que l’acheteur ne l’aurait pas acquise, ou n’en aurait donné qu’un moindre prix, s’il les  avait connus. 

Article 1648 du Code civil : L’action résultant des vices rédhibitoires doit être intentée par  l’acquéreur dans un délai de deux ans à compter de la découverte du vice. Dans le cas prévu par l’article 1642-1, l’action doit être introduite, à peine de forclusion, dans  l’année qui suit la date à laquelle le vendeur peut être déchargé des vices ou des défauts de  conformité apparents. 

Article L. 217-4 du Code de la consommation : Le vendeur livre un bien conforme au contrat et  répond des défauts de conformité existant lors de la délivrance. 

Il répond également des défauts de conformité résultant de l’emballage, des instructions de  montage ou de l’installation lorsque celle-ci a été mise à sa charge par le contrat ou a été réalisée  sous sa responsabilité. 

Article L. 217-5 du Code de la consommation : Le bien est conforme au contrat : 1° S’il est propre à l’usage habituellement attendu d’un bien semblable et, le cas échéant : – s’il correspond à la description donnée par le vendeur et possède les qualités que celui-ci a  présentées à l’acheteur sous forme d’échantillon ou de modèle ; 

– s’il présente les qualités qu’un acheteur peut légitimement attendre eu égard aux déclarations  publiques faites par le vendeur, par le producteur ou par son représentant, notamment dans la  publicité ou l’étiquetage ; 

2° Ou s’il présente les caractéristiques définies d’un commun accord par les parties ou est propre  à tout usage spécial recherché par l’acheteur, porté à la connaissance du vendeur et que ce  dernier a accepté. 

Article L. 217-12 du Code de la consommation : L’action résultant du défaut de conformité se  prescrit par deux ans à compter de la délivrance du bien. 

Article L. 217-16 du Code de la consommation : Lorsque l’acheteur demande au vendeur,  pendant le cours de la garantie commerciale qui lui a été consentie lors de l’acquisition ou de la  réparation d’un bien meuble, une remise en état couverte par la garantie, toute période  d’immobilisation d’au moins sept jours vient s’ajouter à la durée de la garantie qui restait à courir. Cette période court à compter de la demande d’intervention de l’acheteur ou de la mise à  disposition pour réparation du bien en cause, si cette mise à disposition est postérieure à la  demande d’intervention.

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