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Find your fitment & center bore

In the table hereunder, you will find information about vehicles on which Mad In wheels are frequently mounted : PCD, Centerbore, Adapted wheels. These informations are only given for guidance, and you'd better contact us if you're unsure.

VehicleBolt patternCenterboreMad In Wheels
Alfa Giulia GT4x10863,4 mm15C, 154C
Alfa GTV64x98 or 5x9858,6 mm154/155C, 164/165C
Alpine A110 (Berlinette)3x150 (except 1600 SC = 4x140)63,0 mm1C wheel
Alpine A310variable (contact us)variable (contact us)2F, 3C, 15C, 154C, 164C
BMW 2002 Gr 24x10057,06 mm15C,154C
Fiat 1274x9858,1 mm2F, 3C
Fiat X1/94x9858,1 mm2F, 3C, 15C, 154C
Ford Capri4x10863,6 mm15C, 154C
Ford Escort RS2000 / Gr4 4x10863,6 mm15C, 154C
Ford Sierra Cosworth4x10863,6 mm164C
Lancia Delta4x98 or 5x9858,6 mm154/155C, 164/165C
Opel Kadett4x10056,8 mm (except GTE 84 = 58,5 mm)2F, 3C, 15C, 154C
Porsche 9115x13071,6 mm155C, 165C
R123x15063,0 mm1C wheel
R5 Alpine3x13063,0 mm1C wheel
R5 Turbo 1 / 24x9858,6 mm2F, 3C, 15C, 154C, 164C
R83x150 63,0 mm1C wheel
Simca4x9858,6 mm2F, 3C, F08
VW Golf 1 / 24x10057,3 mm2F, F08, 15C, 154C
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