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2 or 3 piece ?

3-piece rims

3-piece rims are made of :

  • wheel centre , that can be made in forged or cast aluminium.
  • lip (outer) (also called rim lips or rim dishes), that can be made of aluminium or stainless steel. It is polished or satin. The outer lip has a stepped profile in order to allow for the tyres to be mounted easily. A hump, close to the outer border of the rim, prevents the tyre from sliding.
  • barrel, that presents a cylindric profile to give space for voluminous brake calipers.

The wheel centre, lip and barrel are assembled together with special screws and are waterproof sealed with a specific silicone.

2-piece rims

2-piece rims have been created by BBS, with the BBS RSII and RX II models.

There are different types of 2-piece rims:

- those where the wheel centre and the barrel together are forming a unique element, on which a lip is then mounted.
- those where lip and barrel are forming a unique element together, to which the wheel centre is then mounted.

Besides, it is possible to use a wheel centre designed for a 2-piece wheel in a 3-piece mounting. We can produce specific lips and barrels for such projects.

Conclusion : 2-piece wheels are not easy to modify. 3-piece wheels, such as those we produce, are easy to repair and to custom.

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