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Our history

Mad In has been founded in 1975 in the Drôme département by a family rooted in car racing. The founders started by commercialising accessories and wheels designed for competition, first as a reseller.

The inspiration came from car sports

Quickly, Mad In started to develop its own wheels for sports cars, such as the Alpine A110 (Berlinette), Alpine A310, R8 Gordini, R5 Turbo or single-seater cars. Mad In wheels were already widely recognised for their robustness and performances.

In the nineties, Mad In provided wheels for teams competing in Formula Ford or Renault championships. The Mitjet championship was also equipped with Mad In three piece wheels. Many ATV racing drivers also ran with Mad In rims, because they were robust thanks to the Mad Lock technology.

Buying Mad In wheels for your vehicle, you're benefiting from a technology transfer from car sports.

French production

From the outset, Mad In wheels have been produced in France. First settled in the Drome département, the company moved to Burgundy in 1987. The office as well as the factory, are still located here to date.. Moving to Burgundy was the occasion to evolve from being a parts assembler to a full-fledged manufacturer : since then, all our products are produced inhouse.

Nowadays, Mad In is one of the last remaining wheel producer in France and has adapted to the most recent changes in the industry and in the clients' needs.

International outreach

In the nineties, the company started producing forged wheels for road and track use. This range is produced on-demand and tailored to your needs, to fit you car the best : offset, weight, finish... everything is tailor-made. We have also worked for german, italian and british companies, supplying them with lips and barrels

Our high demanding clients and the very strict producing norms are our guides towards a constant improvement of the quality of our products : one of our achievements is the ISO 9001 certification we obtained in July 2003 from the TÜV Rheinland.

Creating original & outstanding wheels

Nowadays we're among the last to offer wheels that will get you all the looks. Providing wheels for Berlinette, R8 Gordini or R5 Turbo, we are rooted in the glorious tradition of French car sports.

Our know-how and our high standards are recognised in the industry. We have, for example, provided Alpine wheels for the prototype of the new A110. We've designed wheels for the reproduction of Lightning McQueen made by Disneyland Paris. We've also produced wheels for a Citroen CX trailer.

Nowadays, devoted to the quality of our products and to our customers, our team MAD IN is here to help you in all matters related to your wheels, because we believe that each detail matters..

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