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Lips and barrels

Our lips and barrels are produced following the RimTec Inside.

The lip of a three piece wheel has a more tightened and conical profile. This profile allows the tyre to be mounted easily..

On the lip profile, there is also a hump preventing the tyre from sliding away.

Lips have a valve hole and can be made in stainless steel or aluminium.


Barrels' profile are straighter and more cylindrical, in order to leave space for brake calipers. They also have a hump to prevent the tyre from sliding.

Barrels are not polished and are available only in aluminium.

Profile comparison

5,25'' wide lip
6'' wide barrel

On the above representations, you can clearly see that lips (to the left) have a tighter profile than barrels (to the right), that are wider and more cylindrical. The lip allows for the tyre to be mounted easily whereas barrels give more space to big brake calipers.

Assembly of lips and barrels

The mounting of the lip and the barrel to the central hub is made with M6 screws (tightening torque 1,25kg) or with M7 screws (tightening torque 2,8kg), that are also available in our shop (chrome, stainless steel, black or gold).

The waterproof sealing is made with a specific silicone from our historical supplier. This silicone has been tested and approved over the years. In the past, the sealing was made with an o-ring, but this solution has been abandonned as the rubber was deteriorating over time.

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