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6x30 bolts for Mad In historic wheels


Each unit is composed of : a screw, a washer and a nut. 

Sold by unit (screw + washer + nut) or in 12, 20 or 24 units kits, depending on the wheel you need to assemble, and of its number of holes.

Those kits are intended for assembling lips and barrels on wheel centers. They are adapted to Mad In 3-piece historic wheels : 1C wheel, 2F, 3C wheel, 15C, 15C Light, 154/155C and 164/165C.

Beware: The F08 Mad In wheels are assembled with 7x32 bolts, that you can also buy on our website.

For precise instructions on the assembly of your rims, please contact us.


Unit (screw + washer + nut), Kit for a 1C, 2F or 3C wheel (12 units), Kit for a 15C or 15C Light wheel (20 units), Kit for a 154/155C or 164/165C wheel (24 units)


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