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The F07 is a forged wheel with a unique and sportive look. Its singular design with small Y-spokes won't let you fall under the radar. Like all our forged wheels, it has an unparalleled solidity and a flawless finish, thanks to our decades-long experience.

It's the predecessor of the F08 wheel , intended for automobile racing.

This model can be adapted to centerlock vehicles, such as single-seaters.

It is a 3-piece wheel and a perfect fit for vehicles like a Mini Austin, a Peugeot 16 or a Simca. Lightweight and resistant, the F07 rims will improve your car's performances.

You can then mount a wheel center cap with the logo of your choice.

The F07 wheel is produced on-demand and tailored to your needs. Hence you can freely choose your colour, the fitment, the offset, the lips and barrels' width and the diameter of the wheel (from 13 to 21 inch).

Available colours : white, yellow, orange, red, blue, light grey, anthracite, shiny black, matt black and vintage gold.

Our team is here to advise you : or +33 3 85 57 75 88 (Mon. - Fri. : 9:30-17:30 UTC +1). We speak French, English, German, Polish and Italian !

Price : on demand

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