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1C Wheel (13 & 14 inch)

The 1C Wheel is a lightweight and robust wheel, intended for cars with 13'' wheels. It is the very first model we produced, back in 1975 !

The 1C Wheel has equipped Alpine A110 (Berlinette) on their rallye achievements ( link to the video )

Those stylish split rims are a perfect fit for Berlinette (A110), Alpine A310,R8 Gordini, R12, Renault Dauphine, R5 Turbo, Matra Djet or even for buggys.

Et aussi tous les modèles de véhicules en 13/14 pouces et avec un perçage en 3 trous.

Do you need a 4 bolt pattern or 4 lug wheels ? We suggest checking out our 2F or 3C wheel !

Technical specs :

Bolts 3 holes | Bolt pattern min. 130 max. 150 | Centerbore min. 62 | Offset : from ET -94 to ET44 | Weight (wheel center) : 1,2kg

Available colours : white, yellow, orange, red, blue, light grey, anthracite, shiny black, matt black and vintage gold.

Ordering process :

Call us at or write us a message (, we will advise you on the perfect custom wheel for your car (colour, offset, ET, width etc.)

The price depends on the width of the wheel and on the finish.

Contact us


Additional information on this wheel

Our 1C split rim is a 13-inch 3-piece wheel in a retro and vintage style, which is often mounted on historic competition vehicles. It can be fitted to the same vehicles as a Gotti wheel (X13, R17, N°7, A53), PLS 313, Monaco or Imola wheels or 3 hole 13'' wheels from Elia or Targa.

Example of PCD for which the 1C Madin wheel is a good fit : 3×150 (Alpine A110, R8, R12, R17), 3×130 (Renault 5, R5 Turbo, R5 Alpine, R5 Calberson).

You can find your PCD thanks to our guide.

Because this is a custom threepiece wheel, we can adapt the offset and ET to your vehicle, with great precision !

Lips, barrels and accessories

You can buy lips and barrel for our 1C wheel on this page.

Many accessories for your wheels (valves, bolts, stickers) can be found on this page.

On the pictures above you can see the 1C Wheel mounted on following vehicles : R8 Gordini, Alpine A110 Groupe 4 (Berlinette), R5 Alpine Turbo Group 2 (Calberson style), Buggy Buffalo, Proto Dauphine Queron, R8 S, Marcadier Barzoi, Alpine A110 Groupe 4, Fournier-Marcadier FM01, R5 Alpine Group 2, R12 Gordini. 


: white, yellow, orange, red, blue, light grey, anthracite, shiny black, matt black and vintage gold.


autre, 5'', 5,5'', 6'', 6,5'', 7'', 7,5'', 8'', 8,5'', 9'', 9,5'', 10'', 10,5'', 11'', 11,5'', 12'', 12,5'', 13'', 14'', 15''


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