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BBS Replica

The BBS Replica is a forged aluminium replica of the famous BBS Honeycomb rim. It has a dynamic and classic look at once.

It can be adapted to any vehicle.

This BBS Replica 3-piece wheel ismade to measure. Hence you can freely choose the colour, the ET, the PCD, the width of the lips and barrels or the size of the wheel (from 13'' to 21'').

Available colours : white, yellow, orange, red, blue, light grey, anthracite, shiny black, matt black and vintage gold.

Our team is here to advise you : or +33 3 85 57 75 88 (Mon. - Fri. : 9:30-17:30 UTC +1). We speak French, English, German, Polish and Italian !

Price : on demand

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This wheel is a tailor-made replica of the famous E50 or « Honeycomb ».

The honeycomb BBS is increasingly difficult to find on the second-hand market, especially one in good shape. One solution if you wish to equip your vehicle with this mythical rim, is to make it to measure. The same goes for other BBS models such as the BBS RS, LM or CH-R.

Our mastery of forged aluminum will also allow you to achieve exceptional performance. Indeed, our forged rims have an excellent weight/performance/cooling ratio.

Since we produce these wheels to measure, they will be perfectly adapted to your brakes and your wheel arch. The Madin split rims can therefore be adapted to any vehicle, recent or old: Tesla, Corvette, Lotus, BMW, Audi, Alpine, etc.

As with our other forged models, you can choose the PCD (4×100, 5×120, 4×108 etc.), the widths of the lips and barrels, the finish etc.

You will be able to mount a wheel center cap with the logo of your choice.


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