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Forged & tailored wheels

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We make the dreams of the most demanding customers come true ! Design, size, lip width, offset, colour, screws, PCD... any part of our wheels can be tailored to your own needs and wishes !

Our forged wheels are made on demand from forged aluminium blocks. Those blocks are machined by our technicians according to the final design you wish for your vehicle.

Our split rims are composed of a wheel centre, a lip and a barrel. Forged wheels are first class wheels : robust, lightweight and highly performant.

Here are a few examples of our past productions, that we can reproduce or that you can draw inspiration from in order to create the wheels of your dreams !

We develop these made-to-measure rims, whatever your vehicle: whether you need sidecar rims, prototype rims, forged motorcycle rims, buggy rims, single-seater rims or other. 

Tailor-made also means that we can adapt the design to your wishes: VHC rims, retro rims, vintage rims, competition rims, sports rims, track rims etc.

Finally, we can make replicas of existing rims in order to adapt them to your vehicle (PCD, offset, brake caliper, width, etc.): BBS replica, OZ replica, Gotti replica, PLS replica, etc.  

We have equipped many vehicles with our forged wheels : Alpine A110 or A310, Porsche 911, Porsche 992, Porsche 928, Porsche 996, Porsche 964, Porsche Cayenne, Corvette, Audi TT, BMW 2800, VM Golf, Ford Mustang, Nissan GTR, Ferrari F458 etc 

We are ready to take on any challenge. 

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